Biomedical Postdoctoral Council Newsletter, Fall 2015 (Volume 4, Issue 4)

Letter from the Editor

In this special issue of the BPC Newsletter, we present the three winners selected in the inaugural University of Pennsylvania BPC Science Writing Competition. The competition was organized as a joint effort between the University of Pennsylvania BPC Newsletter and Postdoctoral Editors Association, and drew applications from postdoctoral fellows across the University of Pennsylvania, including the School of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, as well as Wistar and CHOP. The writers’ task? To explain a recent finding in scientific research that’s relevant and interesting, describing the background, findings, and most importantly, relevance to human health. Entries were judged on factors including an engaging writing style, scientific accuracy, and compelling scientific storytelling. Guest judging was provided by Bethany Brookshire, Ph.D., an award-winning science writer with Science News. Dr. Brookshire provided invaluable comments to the finalists, who used her feedback to hone their writing. Additional editorial assistance was provided by Daphne Avgousti, Ph.D., Editor in Chief of the Postdoctoral Editors Association. The top three finalists were recognized at the 2015 Biomedical Postdoctoral Research Symposium; their winning entries are published in this special issue of the BPC Newsletter. We hope that you enjoy these pieces of science writing. I would like to thank Dr. Brookshire for her impeccable and constructive critiques. I would also like to thank Dr. Avgousti for her enthusiasm and collaboration style which made orchestrating this competition so enjoyable. We are excited about this year’s winning entries, and hope to see even more great entries next year.

-Liisa Hantsoo, Ph.D., Editor in Chief, BPC Newsletter

Please access the PDF here: _BPC_Vol_4_Issue_4_10.25.15

1st Place: “Turning Back Time: It’s Never Too Late to Learn Like A Child,” by Jocelyn Lippman-Bell

2nd Place: “A Sexy New Way to Fight Malaria,” by Charitha Gowda

3rd Place: “AMPed and Dangerous,” by Kimberly Malecka

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